International relations are an essential step that keeps our world revolving. We need to be able to connect the countries to the corporate. There are many ways that this can be accomplished. Getting a degree in international relations opens you up to several career paths. Check out this overview of some options.


It would be tough to work together if you can not understand each other. This is where interpreters come into the equation. Their sole purpose is to help people communicate. This can be sitting at a table with individuals helping them understand each other or through conference calls. It would depend on the position. Some Interpreters can work without leaving their homes. In comparison, others get the chance to travel and use their skill in person.


The translator’s work is through written materials. They change the language while keeping the meaning of the original. The more languages you know, the more positions you will be able to take. The areas that need this type of work span from business to education all the way to medical and technology. When it comes to sharing information, we need to be sure it is being relayed correctly. This is why translators are so important. They need to take the slang of any language and make sense to those of another culture and language. No matter the subject, translators are required when sharing information internationally.

International Lawyer

International Lawyers have similar duties as those that only practice law in one country. The big difference is that they are dealing with regulations in multiple countries, not just the one they live in. Like any other lawyer, an international lawyer can specialize in several fields. Some include trade, human rights, international environmental law, and investment law. It is more complicated having know the law from different countries, which is reflected in the salary.

Diplomatic Agent

Those that love to travel and experience new cultures may find the career of a Diplomatic Agent enticing. There are more duties than getting to travel. The biggest goal is to keep the peace amongst the countries and always strive to improve the relationship. They will also be there to assist Americans traveling or stuck in those countries. Education is another way they accomplish their job. They teach about American history and the traditions that we enjoy. Being a people person will be a great asset to those interested in being a Diplomatic Agent.

International Marketing Specialist

Marketing is a big part of any company or organization. When they reach the level that they are starting to sell outside of their country. An international marketing specialist will help them navigate the water of becoming a global company. They will do the legwork of working with those in the new countries to create marketing plans and launch the products in a way that will be received. Every culture is different, and they are here to make it a success.

The avenues an International Relations degree can take you on are endless.

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