Are you looking for a place that is focused on improving the government? A place that is not leaning toward any organization. A place that is nonprofit with nothing to gain other than a better America. Then you need to look at Partnership. They have a goal of building a better government with a stronger democracy while being nonprofit and nonpartisan. Keep reading to see some of the highlights from this organization. You may find that this is something worth your time and effort.


Their vision is straightforward and powerful. “We envision a dynamic and innovative federal government that effectively serves our diverse nation.” They want all those in this nation to feel that the government is considering the needs of all. Creating a stronger government instead of splitting it is not a task many take on. They are using all at their disposal to bridge the ever-growing gap.


Samuel J. Heyman is the founder of Partnership for Public Service, and he began it in 2001. He was a lawyer for the U.S. Department of Justice for years and enjoyed his work. After the passing of his father, he left to run the family business but never lost if interest in the government. Knowing that the future of our nation depends on having a cohesive and robust government, he decided to try and do something in creating the nonprofit. Now they have a Board of Directors that volunteer from all sorts of backgrounds and disciplines to help move their mission forward.



When exploring their website, you will be impressed by the range of research that they have accumulated. The research for solutions to the way the government is working. They are a one-stop shop for all the research on reform issues. If you have a question on this topic, you are bound to find information in their archives. They are not just trying to make change without the proper research. They may even change your mind on a topic with their vast amount of resources.

Training Programs

This is not a place that is all talk. They have training programs to help put into practice the things that they preach. They want to make a difference. Those in college can take part in the training programs along with those that already have careers in government. They are here to help and inform all those that are looking to improve. Just wanting to learn, they also have a blog that reports on everything happening within their organization. Keeping up on that may be the first way to find out if this is the place for you.

Finding organizations around the government is not hard. They are popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, finding one that is truly focused on making out nation better by bringing the government together is rarer. Head over to the Partnership For Public Service website to take a look for yourself. It may be just what you have been missing.

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