Those not living under a rock are aware of the pandemic that the world has been experiencing. With it, a lot of other things are starting to change in the communities. Those with colleges could find a new requirement on the applications. Many colleges are moving toward requiring their students to have the Covid-19 vaccines before attending.


Those who have not had to deal with putting children in schools require vaccine records are not a new thing. One of the first states to require them was Massachusetts in the 1850s. Their goal was to try and stop the spread of smallpox by requiring all the students to have the vaccine before coming to school. The Supreme Court upheld laws requiring vaccination for school entry in 1922. By the 1970s, most states required them, and currently, all the states have some level of requirements.


Colleges have to take into consideration what requiring the vaccine will do to their enrollment. There is a pretty big line drawn between those for and against getting the vaccine. Those not wanting could the Universities bottom line. When it comes to college-aged Americans, 47% are still on the fence about getting the vaccine. This information shows that many individuals do not want to get it, yet how will that affect those attending college in the Fall. According to another survey, 85% of college students are willing to enroll in a school that requires vaccination to participate in person.


When discussing if colleges and universities can legally require the vaccine, we must distinguish between private and public. Private schools have more freedom in how and when they change requirements. For public schools, they are in a tricky spot. While the covid tests and vaccines are approved under FDA emergency authorization, they are not FDA approved. This makes a gray area that some professionals cannot agree on. One side believed the vaccine could not be required until it is FDA approved. Others believe that as long as it keeps the FDA emergency authorization, it can be required.


With all required vaccines, there have always been groups against them for religious or health reasons. These individuals have always been able to refuse and still attend schools. These accommodations will still be made, and no proof is required for those with religious reasons to decline. Those that do not qualify could be denied access. At Brown University, they are choosing to let those who refuse a few options. They can file a petition and either take a leave of absence or study remotely.

The List

Four states have actively taken steps to block colleges from forcing their student to get the CODIV-19 vaccine before attending. Those four are New Jersey, Utah, Texas, and Florida. The list of colleges that have moved to set the requirements in place is continuing to grow. will keep you updated as the list changes.

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