Tensions were at an all-time high in the system of Democracy in our country.  Now that some of the dust has settled, it’s important to know where to go from here and how to heal and move forward for the greater benefit for our country.  It won’t be easy and it requires effort from everyone, but slowly we can all learn to get along to support our growing nation, even one shaky step at a time. 

Take the Heat Off

With the election over, it’s time to recognize our new president and turn focus to the important issues at hand.  Let all the minutia slide and save it for another day.  Everything can’t get accomplished at the same time, some things need to be prioritized.  Search out what issues are most important to you, personally, and fight for change in that area.  Don’t try to take on every issue and have a strong opinion about everything.  Choose a couple to focus on and make those your mission.  It’s okay to enjoy life and not always be on a crusade.

Agree to Disagree


Even if you don’t agree with others, and let’s be honest, there’s a lot to disagree with.  From actions to statements, there is a lot going on that is not okay.  Don’t waste your energy on these people.  Crazy never thinks they are being crazy.  It’s better to focus your efforts where it actually matters.  Spending your time calling attention to differing opinions is just taking time away that you could be fighting for what you believe it.  Agree to disagree and move on – stay on target and you can’t go wrong.

Limited Energy

This past year has been hard enough on everyone, there’s no need to put forth unnecessary energy where it doesn’t belong.  Getting involved and volunteering are efforts that are worth the investment.  Put your money where your mouth is and get out there and make the world a better place, one action at a time. 

Leave Social Media Alone

Getting caught up in the wave of social media activism isn’t where change happens.  Posts that expire in 24 hours and barely take any effort to upload aren’t going to make a difference or change anyone’s mind.  By personally involving yourself and spending time, you are sending a message you care and really putting yourself towards a cause.  Leave the political energy vampires in the dust by making a powerful example of real change. 

Empower Others


Instead of tearing people apart, put your effort into empowering those who can create change.  Be the silent supporter who needs no recognition or giant crusade against the evil.  Tensions do not have to be at an all-time high all the time.  Breathe and allow change to happen through action and perseverance.  Change is a marathon, not a sprint. Moving forward is hard – especially when the country is so obviously divided.  Be the strong wind of change that brings the greater good for our country, with everyone included.

Get Out and Vote!
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