With the lack of sick days provided, it is bound to happen that people are showing up contagious in your office. We have to be defensive if we want to avoid picking up any germs and becoming a carrier ourselves. No one wants to get sick and feel miserable, let alone spread it to others. Protect yourself with some of these genius ideas. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known for its properties to protect the cell and help us stay healthy. Taking a vitamin C during the cold and flu season is a great way to give yourself a better chance of making it through cold free. There are many different options. Emergen-C is a powder you can mix and drink. They have an Vitamin C only option, or you can try on mixed with other healthy ingredients depending on your tastes or needs. 


Elderberries are full of antioxidants and vitamins that will help to increase your immune system. An Elderberry Syrup can be found at many health food stores to help prevent or soothe a cold. Some choose to take a daily dose as a preventative measure. Many homemade recipes can save you money if you can find a local supply of elderberries. Try this easy to follow recipe from Wellness Mama.

Essential Oils

Most offices will not allow you to bring a diffuser to fill the air with healthy benefits, but you can add it to your water bottle. Not all oils can be consumed, so make sure to read labels before trying.  doTERRA has a few recommendations to get you started.  The Wild Orange oil, when consumed, will improve your immune function. Just add a drop to your water bottle. Their creation, the On Guard oil, can be added to a bottle of water to boost your immune system. It is a mix of seven essential oils that will support our immune systems and respiratory functions. 

Fresh Air

Getting fresh air is essential for staying healthy. If you have a window, crack it open to get a little fresh air while working. Those without the option of a window should take breaks outside. Grab your favorite healthy snack and take a walk around the building instead of eating at your desk. The sunlight and fresh air will give you a better chance of not taking home the next cold that goes through the office.

Drink Water

As tempting as the soda and coffee machine are, try and stay away. Both of those options will lead you to getting dehydrated. When your body is dehydrated, it will not be able to fight off the sickness as quickly. Carry water with you to remind yourself to drink and keep drinking. Before touching any caffeine, make sure you have consumed enough water to counteract any effects it could have.

Stay safe in the office this cold season. Don’t wait for a cold to start before putting these preventative measures into practice.

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