It feels sometimes like you can get lost in the political game – why does one voice or vote matter?  The fact is, every vote, every voice moves the needle in one direction or another.  If you get enough people who have the mentality of why does it matter, pretty soon you have a mass of people who could have made a difference.  Empower yourself and your opinion and voice – and that begins with being registered to vote.

Your Future

You want to be active in voting early on as an adult on both a local and national level.  It’s the one shot you are given to have a hand in the way your future is shaped.  When you feel lost and hopeless with how things are being currently run, the only way to change or improve it is through the power of voting.  Have a vested interest in your future, not only the next 4 years, but think longer term – the next 20, 30 years.  The groundwork for that begins now.  Most people are only interested in the short term but forget that decisions being made years and years into the future start to shape because of the now.  Even if you feel like you can’t make a change now, it could make a change down the line.  Always fight for your future.

Register to Vote

Encourage Others

You want to empower others to find their voice as well.  That same idea of getting the singular voices of many to become one larger movement is where it becomes action for change.  When you hear someone talk about how their voice doesn’t matter or their vote won’t count anyway, stop them and explain the future down the line, not just this or that election.  The wheels need to start moving now to get momentum later.  You will inspire others to fight for what’s important.  This also brings up an important matter – encourage others to find their voice without shoving your political views towards them.  For a true democracy to work, people need to be able to express their individualism and that extends to their opinions and how they choose to exercise their vote.  You should never shame anyone for their decisions.

Don’t Leave It to the Last Minute

You want to make sure you are registered to vote early enough on so your vote counts.  You don’t want any surprises to come voting time.  You can register to vote at any time; it doesn’t just need to be for the upcoming presidential election.  In fact, you should have a hand in local and state government elections as well – they shape the country just as much, sometimes more than the president.  Always be educated yourself on how your state plays a hand on a larger scale.

Registering to vote is so important when it comes to deciding what type of future you are interested in.  Use your voice and the voice of others to become a large group fighting for a brighter future.

Get Out and Vote!
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