There are so many political topics and issues these days, it’s impossible to fight for every single cause.  Once you have an issue or something you really want to put your heart and soul into, go for it.  Our country is built on people with passion and perseverance so there is no reason not to get out there and make your voice heard.  Here are some ways to make a big lasting impact, no matter who you are. 

Stay Focused

It’s impossible to be on every bandwagon or cause that you come across in your life.  Don’t get swept up in every topic or appear to fight for everything.  Decide what is most important to you and go to battle for that within a political party or system of government.  You come across a lot stronger being associated with one issue or cause that you firmly believe in, rather than a mob mentality of battling for one thing one week, then something completely different the next week.  Keep your message strong and on point.  While hot topics of the week or even the day are easy for people to retweet or repost, your message is stronger with something that truly resonates with you and your purpose.  You want people to associate you with your passions.

Heart in hands

Born to Stand Out

Don’t worry about being popular, appeasing the crowds, or fitting into any mold.  You are your own person with ideas and beliefs, and you have a right to believe in them.  Only you can decide what is important to you and what you choose to fight for.  Just because a bunch of people are jumping on one bandwagon, doesn’t mean you have feel pressured to jump along with them.  Stick to your passion and personal message and you’ll make a bigger impact.  It takes no time or effort to repost something that everyone else is already posting, what does that say about how passionate they are about a particular issue?  Make your own opinion, your own statement, your own unique post to show that you really care.

Get Active

Social media activism can be a smoke screen.  It takes no time or effort to regurgitate a post – literally it is a push of one button.  People can show they ‘care’ without really caring.  Get active in your cause – active in real life.  Donate your time and efforts in real world efforts.  It’s not about the social likes or showing or giving the appearance you care.  Actually care with your mind and your heart.  It should never be about looking good or showing you are doing your part.  Be true to your heart and be proud of yourself without looking for external validation from the masses. 

Get Out and Vote!
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