With so many political issues and points of view, the waters can get murky knowing who really encompasses your ideals.  It gets even further complicated when you add news outlets pushing their agendas, social media input which is rarely regulated for accuracy, and people’s loud opinions.  You are stuck right in the middle of an all-out political push and pull with no one working for what you truly believe in.  Take some of the guesswork out of finding a candidate who will work for your beliefs by taking some time to think about these components. 

Be Unbiased

Take away all the political campaigns and commercial agendas and determine which candidate actually is in line with your beliefs by taking an online quiz.  www.Isidewith.com is an online resource where you answer questions about different issues and then reveals which candidate is right for you.  You might be surprised what is revealed to you when the campaigning and influence is stripped away.

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It’s Not One or the Other

While our system is broken and it usually comes down to two candidates, that isn’t how you should be voting.  Third Party candidates are just as important and might encompass your ideals better.  Be a vote for change in the system by casting your vote for a Third-Party candidate.  History has never been changed overnight or in one election, vote with confidence knowing you spoke for something you truly believed in, which can be a vote for change in future elections.  People can argue that it isn’t going to make a difference in this election, so why do it, but it certainly is never going to change if you don’t start somewhere.

Popularity Vote

You don’t have to vote for who is the more popular candidate.  Politics has become a very vocal subject, but it is okay to quietly cast your vote and move on.  You are your own person with your own views, it’s time to exercise them.  It’s also flawed thinking to vote for the “lesser of two evils.”  Vote for change if you don’t believe in the major candidates up for election.  If we stopped looking at this system as “us vs. them” we could get a lot more accomplished.  Too often people focus on what the other group is doing rather than sticking to their own plan and actions.  Our system will never change if we keep feeding the divide within a group that should pride themselves on working together for the greater good of its nation.

Find a candidate who is right for you, not for your neighbor or coworker.  Only you know what you believe in and what you feel is important for the future of our country.  It’s time we all start looking inward rather than outward when it comes to our principles. 

Get Out and Vote!
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