The Media is a powerful entity.  It’s where we get our information for what’s going on out there in the world.  We are able to connect across the globe with people and know what’s going on hundreds of thousands of miles away in an instant.  That’s mighty information when you think about it.  That responsibility should be treated with the utmost respect, but sometimes our media has other agendas when covering news, everyday life, and most importantly, elections. 

Looking Out for #1

Most media outlets have one agenda – to sell ad space.  It’s unfortunate that is their primary concern, but you always need to keep that in the back of your mind when taking the information thrown at you.  What they report on and how they do it is to appease the advertisers, so they keep paying them.  The news and media should carry the responsibility of accurate unbiased news reporting with their every word, but they answer to a higher calling – money.  Especially when it’s an election year, or any day that ends in Y, the news and media capitalize on the news and drama of the push and pull of political sides.  This is where we start to lose the accuracy and unbiasedness.

Must Be a Slow News Day

When it comes to elections and candidates, it’s funny what the media thinks is “news.”  Knowledge is power, but when it’s used incorrectly or presented a certain way, it can be more detrimental.  Certain networks or channels are so biased, they are allowed to report anything as influential “news.”  It’s good to stay away from heavily biased channels or at least take in a healthy dose of both ends of the spectrum.  Make it a challenge to educate yourself on the other “side” and see why someone else might feel that way on a topic rather than just refusing to see any other way of thinking.  Even if you don’t agree with it, challenging yourself will expand your mind and thinking.  Don’t always agree or regurgitate the headlines or clips you heard on the news without doing your research.


Not the Whole Story

Headlines and sound bites aren’t the whole story.  The media loves taking one little clip and spinning it to whatever angle they are going for.  Don’t settle for making a decision based on an image or statement taken out of context.  Do your own research and form your own opinion.  The media creates winners and losers of elections through their persuasions.  Be aware what you are being told might just be a part of a bigger picture.  During elections, research the candidates for yourself, look at their whole policies, not just the few talking points that always get brought up at debates.  Those are always the hot topics because they create the most drama and thusly, more ad selling opportunities.

How and where you get your news is just as important as being responsible for reporting it.  We each carry our own duty to inform ourselves free from the lenses of the media.  When it comes to elections and candidates, speak for yourself.  

Get Out and Vote!
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