Government can be a tricky minefield to navigate.  Especially if you don’t have extensive knowledge on how it all works and what’s the best way to be involved.  The simple fact is our system is broken, or at least very wounded when it comes to acting in our best interest as a county.  Here’s a few ideas on how to work better together to give us a brighter future and how to get involved when it feels like you are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Why Can’t We All Get Along?

Or at the very least, try to understand where the other side is coming from.  The problem with our Congress right now is it’s very, very divided.  It’s a two-party system fighting for who’s right and who’s wrong and nothing else.  Both sides have their heels dug into the sand and won’t budge.  This isn’t how our democracy was intended.  When no one works together, everybody loses, and unfortunately, we as a general public are left in the dust.  When elections come around, pay attention to what your candidate is saying.  Vote for someone who is interested in working together with the other side.  If their only campaign point is throwing scum at the other party, then that’s what they’ll do once in office.  We need to be able to work together to move forward together.  It needs to be about the people and their best interest, not a contest of who’s the most right. 


Package Deals

Where else in life would you decide if you are going to have knee surgery and sushi for lunch in the same one answer?  Hopefully nowhere.  So why is congress voting like this?  They’ll vote on package deals which can lump any number of issues together.  Not only does it not make sense, but it’s just flat out weird, and things that everyone agrees on fall by the wayside as a result.  If you are passionate behind one issue, research and see what else you are fighting for on the same ticket.  You might find yourself conflicted or contradicted.  There’s our democracy. 

Political Circus

We all know politics is a crazy circus, but why are we okay with it?  Start taking a stand and demand these jobs be taken seriously.  They are some of the most powerful jobs in the world.  Vote and back candidates that truly want to make a positive change, not ones whose only agenda is to take down the other party.  Nothing will ever get done if one side is pouting and the other side crosses their arms in response.  We need to elect people with fresh ideas and motivate change in the only way we know how – through the power of our vote.  Take your vote seriously, it is truly a privilege, and what you choose can and will affect everyone in the process.

Our political system could use a major overhaul, but until that happens, we need to take back our government and demand they start taking our future seriously.  The easiest way is to shape the future with your research, energy, passion and vote.

Get Out and Vote!
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