One of the main challenges with creating legislatures and adapting them is that you never really know who can be affected and how they will be affected. At this point the safe thing you can do is to understand the proposed legislatures and see whether they are going to be ok or not. Thankfully people are very open when it comes to laws and how they might/can be affected, so it’s all a matter of perspective and trying to figure out how everything works. If there are issues, you need to reply as fast as possible and ensure that there will be no problems.


There were quite a lot of issues around the idea of workplace fairness and now these are taking steam. To the point where we might have some laws regarding pregnancy discrimination, paid sick leaves and so on. They are proposed right now, but if they become laws then these will surely affect you in many ways.


Obviously any tax reform brings in major problems. It makes the entire thing very convoluted and it will be very hard for you to figure out how to handle such problems and how you might be affected. It’s all a matter of perspective at the end of the day, but you do need focus and commitment, not to mention lots of hard work to pull through. It might be rewarding, but it also ends up being very challenging.


This is a topic that’s always affecting people, and it’s always there in the debates. We will see Marijuana becoming legal in more and more states, but as you know this is a pretty simple process. And that alone can be very tricky and challenging at first, but there were some good results in Colorado and the other states.

Blockchain laws

Some blockchain ideas are incredibly interesting and they are indeed focused on bringing in some rewarding options. The main problem for lots of companies is hacking, so finding a way to eliminate hacking issues or anything related to that is extremely important. It all comes down to adapting the blockchain and using it to numerous governmental projects, which is a debated topic at this time.

Minimum wage

Obviously minimum wage concerns are always there, and it makes sense for this to be a major debate and a topic of interest. It’s hard to see how people will see it and how it can be adapted, but the potential is extraordinary and it can deliver some amazing results if the right laws are added here.

Some of the other major topics include environmental regulations, census, voting options, union protections and so on. There are many important topics that might end up being added in or brought into various laws. These might have different degrees of success, but the simple idea of having laws regarding these things are extremely important, and the potential is certainly there for these things to make a positive change!

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