The U.S. Government has 3 different branches, and each one of them is vital for the proper functioning of our country. One thing to note is that the major part is the executive, which contains the president and 5 million workers, and then you have the legislative and judicial branches. Each one of these branches has its own set of requirements and capabilities.



The Judicial part of the U.S. Government includes the Supreme Court and 9 justices. The idea here is that the special judges are interpreting laws based on the constitution. While justices exist, their focus is to hear only cases related to the Constitution. They are however the highest court in the country. That being said, the federal judicial system has a low amount of courts in every state in order to hear cases related to federal problems. Just like all the other U.S. Government branches, the judicial branch also has its main headquarters in Washington DC, the US capital.


The legislative side of the U.S. Government is called the Congress. The idea is that the Congress is the one making laws and it’s split in 2 parts. You have the Senate which has 2 senators from each state, for a total of around 100 senators. And then you have the House of Representatives. The representatives are meeting to discuss ideas and then they decide if their ideas will become laws or not. The U.S. Government allows 435 representatives. Most of the time the number of total representatives is determined by population. You will find states that just have 2 representatives, but others have 40. All legislative professionals are elected by voters in their own states during the elections.



The President of the United States handles the Executive branch of the U.S. Government. The president  is the one enforcing the laws created by the Legislative branch. He or she is chosen by US citizens that vote in presidential elections. Since the president represents everyone in the US, he or she can be from any of the states, sometimes this may affect their chances of winning. The great thing to keep in mind is that the executive part can also be passed to around 500000 workers depending on the situation. The President is the one that enforces rules and brings in some very specific requirements to the Legislative branch, if needed.

One thing is certain, the 3 branches of the U.S. Government are needed in order to make everything work adequately and with great results. It’s definitely a very good idea to push the boundaries and make sure that every law is implemented properly.

There are obvious challenges when it comes to delivering the best legal system and sticking to its requirements. It does require a lot of adaptability in the long run, but the results can be great and that’s what this is all about. Being able to offer the best value and systems that work for the US citizens can be very demanding and challenging, but at the same time this can also be extremely rewarding, if steps are taken to make this the best option!

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