Elizabeth Warren wants to become the US president. She wants to give the 2020 elections a shot, just like many others. That being said, a lot of people might not know a lot about her, and that’s a shame. Which is why we created a list with some of the main things to know about Elizabeth Warren!

Her minimum net worth is around $4.6 million

That alone makes her quite wealthy, on top of that, she does have other assets, such as a large house. It’s been circulated that she may even have $10.6 million  in net worth. She is also earning money from book sales, among other income sources. That goes to show that many of the US Presidency candidates for 2020 are already millionaires in their own right. They do have a huge focus on growth and consistency, which is one of her primary ideas too.

Elizabeth Warren shunned Super PACs as a funding mechanism

The thing to keep in mind here is that Super Pacs can spend and raise a huge amount for the candidates. She is the only democrat that tries to eliminate this type of idea.

She is in favor of  increasing defense spending

Elizabeth Warren  believes that  defense spending is a good thing. The country needs to protect itself against attackers. While her beliefs on the US attacks are not widely known, the fact that she is more than ok with defense spending is extremely important. And it’s safe to say that idea alone brought her a lot of people in her group, but also lots of opposition. Yet it’s the type of thing that many candidates have to consider.


Elizabeth Warren was the third highest spender on digital ads

This happened during the midterm election. The interesting thing is that Elizabeth Warren is all about technology and she doesn’t mind the use of tech as long as it delivers great results and it helps people. Which is a good thing, because it goes to show her true ideas and support, not to mention the overall benefits that come from this kind of stuff and the challenges that can arise from this at times too.

She’s devoted to the idea of capitalism

Since 2007, Elizabeth Warren confronted Wall Street and she is an avid supporter of capitalism. That really goes to show her focus on growth and on making sure that people actively get the results they expect and live in a world where capitalism flourishes.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot of new stuff to learn about Elizabeth Warren. This article should offer you quite a lot of information about Elizabeth Warren and her beliefs. And it’s important to know this, as she might become a major player for the US election in the near future!

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