We all know the democrats and republicans in the US, but the reality is that you have some lesser known Political Parties as well. And you do need to learn more about them, as they are quite important and understanding them gives a fresh perspective over the US politics too.

American Solidarity Party

American Solidarity Party

The American Solidarity Party has been around since 2011 and they are socially conservative. They believe that the government needs to regulate some economic activity too. Whether that’s good or bad is obviously up for debate, but it’s definitely one of those parties with a rather low presence in the US. But those that appreciate the American Solidarity Party are avid supporters of it and its ideas.

Citizen’s Party of the United States

The Citizen’s Party of the United States was created in 2004 and they are a moderate political party. They are offering economic nationalization as their primary platform. They are also against fracking and hopes to increase usage of renewable resources. They do support same-sex marriage and the right to bear arms. Obviously these are topics with a rather heavy set of challenges attached to them, but it’s important to know all of this and eventually pick the right side.

America's Party

America’s Party

America’s Party is here since 2008 and they are all about tax reforms and repealing the 16th amendment. On top of that, they are against abortion and they are ok with same-sex marriages. While the ideas are always a bit tricky to pinpoint, America’s Party is known for a pretty strong, yet small following.

American Freedom Party

American Freedom Party was founded in 2010 and the idea is that they are about white nationalism. They do have a focus on paleoconservatism, third position and that alone makes them very distinctive among most of the other parties. Considering their beliefs, you can imagine that some people agree strongly with them, while others drastically disagree.

Independent American Party

Independent American Party

The Independent American Party was founded in 1998 and it’s one of the oldest lesser known political parties in the US. They are known for the fact that they are conservative and they have a platform based on Ezra Taft Benson’s beliefs, although that was amended and improved upon as time went by. According to the Independent American Party ̧ members are inspired by a love for humanity, they are praying for inspiration in how to proceed and there’s a lot of belief in the idea that God will fight out battles.

There are dozens of lesser known political parties in the US. And that’s very important to know, because a lot of people just believe that the two main parties are there and that’s it. The reality is that there are many others to know about, and you have to learn and know more about them if possible before you choose to support any party out there. This list should be a good introduction to lesser known political parties, but as you can imagine there are many other options too!

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